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Our Life Networks are the practical on the ground ministry of New Ground Ireland and are currently operating in Mid-Ulster, Co. Donegal and Co. Longford. We are passionate about serving and resourcing existing groups and also pioneering a network of new Oikos groups (local family like disciple making communities) in homes and many other contexts where they aim to multiply throughout their region. Our vision is to see Irish counties/regions filled with these groups who will also come together regularly in regional hubs to celebrate all that God is doing, train and pursue multiplying movement. 


Our passion is to raise disciples who will live to obey Jesus and all He has commanded (Matt 28:20). We gather around meals, communion, discussion groups, praise & worship, prayer, ministry for healing & breakthrough, practical teaching from the Bible in a way that impacts everyday life, discipleship, and learning to live out 'The Great Commission' (Jesus' desire to fill all things everywhere with Himself, see Matthew 28:16:20; Ephesians 1:22-23).

We are passionate about impacting society with the virtues and values of the Kingdom of God and will endeavour to bring life, love, peace, hope, joy, mercy, kindness and every other good thing to bring transformation. We believe that Jesus desires to impact, not only the lives of those who encounter Him, but also the culture, institutions, public services, businesses, schools, industries and every sphere of society.

If you live in Mid-Ulster, Donegal or Longford areas, you are welcome to connect with us and begin a journey into the fullness of God's purpose and plan for your life, your family and the society around you.

So get in touch for more info or sign up to our regular updates to know of training dates in advance

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