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Our Life Networks are the practical on the ground ministry of New Ground Ireland.

We are passionate about serving and resourcing existing churches or groups and also pioneering new networks of expressions who partner with us in the following mission:



Reimagining Church:

A key element of our vision is developing a wineskin (see Mark 2:21-22) that helps maintain a simple focus on Jesus, the mission to make and multiply disciples, and the pursuit of Kingdom expansion. For us, gathering as church must result in authentic fellowship, edifying the Body of Christ, and equipping everyone to passionately live for Jesus in every aspect of their lives. Yet the gathering itself cannot be main goal.

Multiplying Disciples:

We are passionately pursuing multiplying 'disciple making movements' (DMM) in Ireland (both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland) and beyond. From our base in Northern Ireland we will be engaging in mission locally and also leading teams to serve partners in other regions, initially in Co. Donegal and Co Longford.

Igniting Movement:

It is only through decentralised leadership structures that authentic, organic movement is possible. When biblical disciple making is pursued, leaders will emerge. When leaders are equipped and released to fulfil their calling, expressions of the church will organically emerge. When these expressions of church focus first on Christ, and on his mission in the world, they will form church structures which facilitate fulfilment of the great commission. The result can be a healthy movement of multiplying disciples and churches.

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