Multiply is personal evangelism training with a focus on feeding missional movement. it's so important in these days to not only lead people to Jesus, but also to do life with them as they begin their journey with Jesus. In the Great Commission Jesus said we're to go and make disciples, to baptise them, and most importantly, teach them to obey all the things He commanded.

Western society has changed dramatically in the last decade and Ireland has perhaps seen the most profound shift of all. Therefore, as believers desire to be faithful to the great commission, new (yet ancient and biblical) approaches in evangelism/discipleship must be implemented. Multiply trains believers to combine personal evangelism, missional discipleship (from the point of contact) and regular intentional 'Oikos' (NT Greek for household/extended family etc.) type gatherings where those exploring faith can connect, grow and multiply in organic, authentic contexts. Why? Because as people begin a faith journey they need to be in a spiritual family context where opportunities are given, and character, faith and the way of Jesus is modelled. The supreme apologetic of our day is authenticity!!!

The Multiply Journey:

Know Your Missional DNA:

Explore who God has created you to be and learn how to use methods that fit your unique personality.

Share Your Faith Effectively:

Learn the best methods for sharing your faith in a simple, conversational way that draws people to Jesus while causing them to search the motivations of their hearts rather than debate various issues. 

Missional Discipleship:

Begin to bring people on a journey of discovery and wonder as they begin to explore Christ, His work and His words. As we study the methods Jesus and the early Church used, we'll see that a consistent and developing journey is the most fruitful way to lead new believers into a life long commitment to follow Jesus.​

Cultivating a Family Culture:

Oikos (NT Greek for household/extended family etc.) groups where seekers/explorers and new believers can discover, grow and learn to obey everything Jesus commanded (Matt 28:20) are key. We will also be available for ongoing relationship as you develop this this in your own context and resources will be available to help etc.

Exploring how to share your faith in a way that produces multiplying, missional movement is a crucial element of the Christian life. It is when we live as disciples, prayerfully partnering with the Holy Spirit in this way, that Christ centred Kingdom movement will bring transformation to Ireland...

We'll be asking trainees in reached areas (especially N Ireland) for a minimum donation of £40, paying it forward, to enable us to bring the training to believers in more unreached areas free of charge...

So get in touch for more info or sign up to our regular updates to know of training dates in advance...

Check out the details below, and sign-up box, for our online training on 22nd August 2020 @ 9am - 4pm

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22nd August 2020 @ 9am - 4pm 

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