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The Body of Christ has been commissioned to GO into all the world, every community and every sphere of society with the Gospel to make disciples, teaching them how to obey all that Jesus taught, and filling all thing everywhere with Jesus (Ephesians 1:22-23). Yet, activity is often confined within traditional structures and to groups of believers where the Great Commission is not at the top of the agenda.

The heart of New Ground Ireland is to inspire the Church to reclaim Ireland for Christ, to work practically on the ground, striving to catalyse movements of multiplying disciples across Ireland in every city, town & village who will devote their lives to further the Gospel!


Our primary objectives are:


  • Compassionately serving communities across our society in a variety of ways

  • Raising disciple makers to fulfil their purpose for mission within every sphere of society

  • Equipping & training believers to share their faith in a way that feeds missional movement

  • Creating opportunities for families, church teams & individuals to volunteer with teams who will pioneer communities across Ireland

  • Establishing movement hubs in key county town/cities across Ireland from where Gospel movement can flow

We believe that it is possible to see an organic movement of the Gospel throughout Ireland and beyond. Therefore, our intention is to simply play our part in actively pursuing this vision.

So get in touch to find out more and join the adventure!



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