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Excited about your vocation?

All of us have a vocation that we actively pursue daily to help supply our needs. For many of

us it was something we dreamed about during school and/or university and we couldn't wait until we launched into it to help change the world or make our first million. But so often in the mechanics of daily life the dream fades, we get frustrated about 'the norm', as we go out through the door every morning excitement is often the first casualty and we struggle to see our vocation as being crucial to God's purpose. But the truth is that everything we do every single day is all part of God's big picture and He gave you those dreams for a reason!

God knew exactly what you would be doing, where you would be doing it, all of the people you would influence and every step you would take in your vocational journey!

So maybe it's time to rethink your vocational focus and begin to progress into all that God led you into your sphere of influence to achieve. The reality is that God may well have inspired those vocational dreams during your education and you really don't have to abandon them because you sense a calling to follow Jesus in a deeper way. Indeed, your vocation is your calling right now until He says otherwise, so build Kingdom culture where you are!

Our greatest purpose is to live intentionally missional lives in whatever sphere of influence God places us. If that's within the construction industry bring innovative and creative ideas and build with excellence! In the office block apply excellence while bringing love, joy and hope with you into every room. In the medical

profession be creative in combating disease while caring for people with Christ's supernatural love in a practical way. In the maternity ward, the lab or courtroom, passionately pursue biblically ethical protocols with love, grace and integrity.

In whatever you do every day work, serve and live with compassion, courage, love and a passionate commitment to a biblically missional path. If you're in education there doesn't have to be conflict between your chosen vocation and your sense of calling. Love, encourage and passionately build up your students.

As Jesus prayed for His disciples and everyone who would hear the Good News through them (including you and I), He said something profound. "Just as you sent me into the world, I am sending them into the world" (John 17:18). Jesus perfectly fulfilled His vocation and has now called/sent us to fulfil ours.

Not every believer who senses a calling will enter vocational Christian ministry, but every believer has a divine vocation. So when that feeling comes on a Monday morning, remember, you are commissioned into your divine vocation to make a difference, establish Kingdom culture and impact everyone in your sphere of influence.

Get excited!




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