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Oliver Family Prayer & Support


It is such a privilege to serve God and to live out the dreams He places in our hearts. We as a family, John , Karen and our kids Jason, Nathan & Sophie (in order of age) have been called to exactly that...

So as we lead New Ground Ireland and continue to live by faith, we trust God for family provision and really treasure every prayer offered for us.

Please sign up for our family prayer updates in the box provided (see bottom of this page)...



We as a family are no longer drawing a wage from New Ground Ireland or any other ministry. We are now developing a support network of people who share our passion for multiplying Kingdom movement in Ireland who will give financially, pray consistently, and encourage regularly.

When people, families or churches support us in this way they become a key part of our mission. They also become partners who we pray for and encourage.

Below are the various ways you can support:

Our prefered option:

If you are a UK tax payer, please avail of the gift aid scheme. It enables us to receive 25% extra with

no additional cost to you, please click the image (please only use this option if you are gift aiding):

If you bank in the UK, but will not be using the UK gift aid scheme then please follow the details in the

PDF form here: 

If you are from the Republic of Ireland then please follow the details in the PDF form here: 

Please also sign up for our family prayer updates in the box provided below... Providing all the details enables us to get beyond email filters to ensure updates reach your inbox etc.

Thanks for partnering with us as we ignite multiplying missional movement across Ireland!


Family & Ministry Updates

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