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Missional Kickstart: for the local Church

Missional KickStart training is for the benefit of the local church and can run over two Saturdays, a series of mid-week sessions and/or Sunday mornings. The training begins with a short online survey revealing the various levels of currant missionality. We then focus on developing an understanding of what it means to live an intentionally missional life.

All believers have been strategically placed by God in their specific sphere of influence and must be good stewards of what has been placed in their hands.

Therefore, the training will include:

  • Missional Imagination

  • Fivefold Graces (APEST)

  • Missional discipleship/structural creativity

  • Your position in your commission

  • Relational Stewardship

  • Locational Stewardship

  • Vocational Stewardship

  • Intro to 'Multiply'


Through group discussion, workshops and teaching, believers will learn practical methods of impacting the people in their daily lives.


As a missional lifestyle develops and everyone starts to make a deeper impact, we then focus on learning how to share your faith through teaching, workshops, role plays, and most importantly, opportunities to implement what has been learned during live evangelism sessions in community.


In preparation for this aspect of the training we will coordinate with local churches to pre-arrange people to engage in a variety of missional and evangelistic activities.


The training will conclude with another day or evening where everyone will come together again to examine how the culture has began to change and the difference it has made to the life of the Church. Another short online survey will be conducted in the lead up to this, and compared with the initial survey to reveal the reality of the shift towards establishing a missional culture.

What have people said?:

Pastor Ross McBride: “We held the the missional kickstart course in Portadown Elim and it was fantastic. The way John taught about the five fold graces was inspirational, practical and made it feel very achievable (which is very important for me). The course was a great mix of teaching, prayer and hearing remarkable stories, all of which left us very stirred for the Gospel.

It has been so great to hear of the many intentional ways people have been reaching out since the course and has also been amazing for people to take some time and acknowledge the everyday missional opportunities around them. I would highly recommend any church to host this program as a starting place to motivate your church into evangelism and missional living”


Andy Murdock (Church Elder): “Radical, inspiring, simple. If implemented life changing.”

Pastor John Lindsay: “Thought provoking and inspiring, the absolute highlight were the interactive sessions where we were encouraged to explore creative ways of engaging on mission together.”

Rod Robinson (Church Elder): Having experienced ‘Missional Kickstart’ I feel this is something that could benefit any Christian of any age whose heart is set on following the Jesus Christ of the New Testament.

Mike Watson (Church Elder): “Just as the title implies (says on the tin) this course will kickstart your life into realising that evangelism is our responsibility. You will discover methods that will equip and encourage you to share your faith and/or the gospel in any situation whilst all the time maintaining friendships and building bridges. Not to be missed.”


Get in touch to Kickstart a deeper missional culture in your Church!

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