Join the Adventure!


So how can you get involved?

Every week our teams are out in towns and cities across Ireland. They engage in street evangelism, worship and other missional activities.


The teams will root in communities across Ireland with the intention of bringing the values, principles and culture of the Kingdom. Acoustic cafes, home groups and parties, worship and prayer events and a variety of other methods will be implemented to connect with local people and begin to lead them into encounters with God, establishing groups who will then begin to meet regularly to worship.

These new churches will be raised to fulfil Christ's mission to fill all things everywhere with Himself (Matt 28:16-20; Ephesians 1:22-23).

Are you a gifted musician?
New Ground Ireland, church planting, pioneering. evangelism, mission, outreach

If you love to bring the presence of God through praise and worship why not use your gifting to help birth new communities of believers.

There will be opportunities to light up town centres, cafes and homes with an atmosphere of celebration.

Maybe you'll go with teams who are taking part in our five day residential 'Kickstart Missional Bootcamps' and light up trains and cities as you go on two day adventures across Ireland.

So join a team!

Get in touch and begin to explore how a missional life really can make a difference to you and the communities who need Jesus!

Take part in teams who travel across Ireland weekly and help begin to change the story of our island!

New Ground Ireland, church planting, pioneering. evangelism, mission, outreach