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Welcome to New Ground Ireland

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Raising disciple makers to fulfil their purpose for mission within every sphere of society!

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Providing evangelism training that feeds multiplying movement!

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Creating opportunities for families, teams & individuals to experience pioneering  ministry in Ireland!

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Establishing hubs in key areas from where Kingdom movement can flow!

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Personal Evangelism that feeds Multiplying Movement

Know Your Missional DNA:

Explore who God has created you to be and learn how to use methods that fit your unique personality.

Share Your Faith Effectively:

Learn the best methods for sharing your faith in a simple, conversational way that draws people to Jesus while causing them to search the motivations of their hearts rather than debate various issues. 

Missional Discipleship:

Begin to bring people on a journey of discovery and wonder as they begin to explore Christ, His work and His words. As we study the methods Jesus and the early Church used, we'll see that a consistent and developing journey is the most fruitful way to lead new believers into a life long commitment to follow Jesus.​

Cultivating a Family Culture:

Oikos (NT Greek for household/extended family etc.) groups where seekers/explorers and new believers can discover, grow and learn to obey everything Jesus commanded (Matt 28:20).

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